Why Was Your Clam For Social Security Disability Denied?

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Lawyers

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You would not be wrong to think that after paying into Social Security for years that it would be there when you need it. It usually is when you finally reach the age of retirement and apply for benefits but unfortunately the same cannot be said when you become disabled. About three quarters of all disability claims are denied.

If your application was denied there is usually a good reason for it, many applicants turn to disability lawyers in Chicago and win their case on appeal. Hiring a seasoned disability lawyer early can help ensure that common mistakes can be avoided.

There are many reasons for denying your claim; however, there are common errors that can be avoided when you work closely with a disability lawyer.

   * Insufficient medical records: Decisions made by Social Security are based on the definition of disabling conditions found in the “blue book.” It is extremely important that you provide the SSA all your medical records and comply with any future requests that they make which can include submitting the results of tests they ask for or meeting with one of their physicians.

   * Failure to follow doctor’s orders: If the SSA believe you have failed to follow orders that you were given by your doctor, there is a good chance your application will be denied.

   * Your disability is expected to last less than a year: If your disability is expected to last less than a year chances are you will be denied benefits.

How can a disability lawyer help?

Statistically, those applicants that have hired disability lawyers in Chicago have a far better chance of being granted approval. Based on years of experience, a seasoned disability lawyer can review your application, identify fault and help you respond to a denial of your claim during the appeals process.

It can be frustrating and difficult to apply for Social Security disability benefits; it is always a good idea to seek professional help. If you are looking for the best disability lawyers in Chicago you are invited to discuss your claim with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd.

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