Why Using a Social Security Lawyer Is a Smart Idea

If you think you qualify for social security disability, the natural inclination is to file on your own and keep your fingers crossed that you are accepted for benefits. However, this is actually the best way to get your claim denied. This is because the paperwork required for SSD claims is often confusing and difficult to complete. If anything on the forms is missing or not filled out properly, the claim is automatically denied and you must file an appeal. This is why it is best to simply hire a social security disability attorney near Flagstaff AZ from the very beginning.


Social security lawyers are obviously familiar with the ins and outs of filing disability claims because that is what they do every day, it is their career. They know exactly what information you need to provide and exactly what the social security administration is looking for.

Pre-Submission Review

If you have already filled out the paperwork on your own, an attorney is a great tool to review it before it is submitted so that you can avoid having the claim rejected. Remember that while you can appeal an initial rejection, your paperwork is placed at the bottom of the stack. With disability claims, time is truly of the essence.

Gathering Evidence

Instead of trying to do all of the groundwork on your own, a social security disability attorney near Flagstaff AZ can do it for you. They can gather all evidence that you meet the requirements of being truly disabled so that the case is compelling enough for the board to approve the first time out.

If you are interested in hiring an experienced attorney, then contact Slepian Smith, PLLC.

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