Why Use Custom Inductors?

If your business manufactures electronics, you may have the need for components like transformers, inductors, and chokes. In fact, there may be times when you need an inductor to provide a specific amount of delay in a circuit. One of the best ways to ensure you get the best products is to use custom inductors from a trusted source and here are some reasons why.

Help with the Design Process

When you use a top manufacturer for your inductors, they design the perfect part. For example, here are some of the things your engineer may take into consideration:

 * Temperature – ambient temperature is a vital consideration for electrical circuits. In fact, some standard components cannot function when the temperature drops too low, or it gets too hot. Heat is a big factor with circuits and heat resistance can be built into your custom-made components.

 * Power – what kind of power do your circuits need? It makes a big difference when you use DC instead of AC power. Three-phase circuits have different requirements than single-phase.

 * What kind of inductance do you require? The process of electrical inductance can be varied a great deal, depending on the circuit design. Your engineer takes a close look at your inductance needs to make sure that you get custom inductors that will not only perform well, but they will also give you maximum service life.

 * Size – size matters a great deal with electrical circuits. In fact, the size of the inductor can determine several factors.

 * Shape – maybe you have special needs when it comes to space requirements. This can be built into your custom inductors.


Your engineer uses the latest in computer-aided design software and can develop a prototype for your inspection. This gives you the chance to test your components under actual working conditions, so you know they are exactly what you need.

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