Why Support During a Period of Bereavement Matters

Even when death comes after a long illness, those who are left behind will mourn and require a period of adjustment. Going through the Bereavement process is not as difficult when there is access to professionals who help loved ones sort through all the emotions they are feeling. Here are some of the ways a counselor can help in the days and months following the passing of a loved one.

Feeling Guilt
During the Bereavement period, it is natural to feel many different emotions at one time. Some of them may even be in conflict with each other. Sorting through those emotions is essential to the healing process.

One common emotion that loved one’s experience, especially the former caregivers, is guilt. Was there something else that would have made those last hours or days more comfortable? Were there times when the caregiver was a little sharp with the loved one or felt exasperation because of the constant need for care? A counselor can help the individual look objectively at what took place and realize the care provided was, indeed, adequate. That often makes it easier to let go of any guilty feelings and instead be happy for the time spent with the now deceased loved one.

Experiencing a Sense of Having No Direction
After spending so much time taking care of a terminally ill loved one, the death leaves the caregiver with no idea of what to do when tomorrow comes. Immediately after the death, there were funeral details to address, and then the need to distribute personal belongings in accordance with the wishes left by the deceased. Once those tasks are completed, the caregiver may be at a loss for what to do next.

To help ease the individual back into the business of living, a counselor can help the former caregiver determine what direction to take now. Establishing a new routine will make it easier to move through the grieving process and begin to build a life beyond those last few years.
For anyone who has lost a loved one after an extended illness, seek to counsel today. Choosing to seek help instead of going it alone will make it easier to process what has happened, make peace with the new set of circumstances, and begin to look toward the future. Call Serenityhospiceaz.com for further details.

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