Why Renewing Your Vehicle Registration Is Very Important in Indiana

While keeping a properly updated auto registration is something any vehicle owner must do, it is something that can easily slip their mind. However, this does not mean that it is any less important. Here are some of the reasons that keeping up to date on registration renewal in Illinois is a very important matter.

Traffic Citations

If you are pulled over by a police officer and they find you are driving with expired vehicle registration, you will be issued a traffic ticket. This ticket will definitely have a negative consequence on your auto insurance premium. Insurance companies may deem you to be an “at-risk” driver and raise the rate you pay. In some cases, the police officer may even choose to impound your vehicle until the registration is renewed. While this is a rare occurrence, it CAN happen and it can be costly to retrieve your vehicle from the company that towed it away.

Protection Of Your Vehicle

If a vehicle is properly registered and plated, it is much easier to find it if it is stolen. It will also be necessary to have a proper registration renewal in Illinois if you get in an auto accident and expect your insurance company to cover you. If the insurance company finds that your vehicle is not registered, this will be considered a violation of their policies and you will lose any protection they offer.

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