Why It’s Best to Hire a Professional Countertop Installer

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Investing in new kitchen countertops in Minneapolis is an expensive investment for your property. Unless you are an expert, it is better to hire a professional countertop installer because they consistently carry out this type of work, measuring difficult areas and installing the countertop without any damaged corners or edges. How can you find the best installer?

You Will Only Accept a Perfect Installation

Any damage to the countertop will be seen by you, your family and visitors for many years ahead. Should a professional make an error, they must replace the countertop until the kitchen is perfectly complete in every way. They will be regular users of professional tools that can complete the operation in far less time and more effectively than a DIY expert.

Kitchen countertops in Minneapolis can be installed by a range of individuals and companies. Therefore, it is best to ask for personal recommendations from people you trust. Speak to friends and family who had a countertop installed within the last 12 months and ask them all about how the installation went, whether any obstacles were found and overcome and how the countertops look today.

Failing a personal recommendation, consider asking the company where you are purchasing the countertop. Although they will be pleased to make their profit on the kitchen countertops in Minneapolis that they sell, they will not want to pass your name onto an individual who may not complete the task successfully. Should they fail, you are probably never going to return to the countertop company for further purchases in the future.

Questions to Ask

While you should not accept all answers as the complete truth, you do have to make judgments about the individuals that you’re talking with, when selecting an installer between several contractors.

You can ask how long they have been installing countertops and have they specifically worked with your choice of finish, be it laminate, concrete, quartz or granite. You will need to ensure you get the estimate in writing and check that they list any specific or potential items that are not included within the price before making your final decision.

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