Why Ford Is the Top Automaker Of 2017

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Auto Repair

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Automakers are always going back and forth for who is the top automaker, but one that always seems to be high on the list is Ford. They do not take first in production numbers, but they are still one of, if not the top automaker of 2017. The blue oval is one of the oldest car makers in the world, and it shows in the high quality you can expect from Ford. So, why should you be shopping or a Ford in Barrington or your area?

Complete Lineup

While most automakers have an extensive lineup, Ford takes the lead by having a vehicle, or two, for every category. This means they have vehicles from the small, efficient, economical Fiesta all the way up to the monster of a truck, the F-350 Super Duty. No matter where you live or what you are using your vehicle for Ford has something for you.


When the US government bailed out Chrysler and GM, Ford opted not to accept a bailout and instead relied on old-fashioned innovation to come out on top. Thanks to this Ford now has the most technologically advanced vehicles of any American automaker. Their flagship Ecoboost engines manage to produce big V8 power while getting excellent gas mileage. They are also improving their transmission and even body technology. Thanks to this culture of innovation, Ford is constantly improving.


Ford is not the number one reliable vehicle maker, but it is high on the list. Ford is known for having excellent reliability which has only improved over the last few years. Add to this the fact that most shops charge very low rates for working on Fords and you have a vehicle with a very low cost of ownership.

While GM and Chrysler are both good automaker, neither of them can compete with Ford. Ford in consistently a leader in innovation and reliability.

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