Why Fabricators And Manufactures Outsource Aluminum Machining

by | May 23, 2016 | Machine

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While aluminum is a relatively easy metal to work with, most fabricators and manufacturers using aluminum parts will outsource all machining. There are several very good reasons to take this option rather than trying to complete aluminum machining in-house.

By comparing the costs, time and the support available through a top machining service with the option of completing the work within your own business, it will be clear why this is the most effective option. Keep in mind this is true for prototype development, small batches or large production runs; the factors don’t change based on the number of components required.

Equipment Costs
One of the biggest issues with doing in-house aluminum machining is the cost of not only purchasing but maintaining the high-tech equipment used. Today, almost all machining is done using cutting edge CNC machining products, which are not only costly to purchase but also require experienced and trained journeymen machinists to correctly operate the equipment.

The cost is not a one-time factor either. New innovations and new designs in equipment require continual upgrades, particularly to keep up with the more complicated and 3D machining requirements of today.

The equipment will also need to be set up and used in an area of your facility. Machining equipment has to be kept in environments that are clean and free from contamination or high levels of dust or humidity. Incorrect storage of the equipment will shorten the life cycle and lead to increased risk of significant downtime.

Expertise and Experience
Having journeymen machinists on the payroll will be a must if you are planning on doing the work in-house. These individuals need to have the expertise and experience not just to operate the machines, but to also provide design, troubleshooting and production support and information.

By choosing a top quality machining shop with professional machinists on staff, you have the best of both worlds. You have a team approach for design and production with staff with experience, expertise and specialized training in producing products to requirements and specifications.

These companies may also offer a range of additional services. Finishing of the aluminum components through chemical conversion coating, painting or anodizing can be included as part of the job, ensuring the parts arrive ready for use.

With reputable and experienced aluminum machining companies you will have the confidence that the parts will be ready on your schedule. They will have the staff and the equipment to complete small or large orders, and they will have a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

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