Why do High-Risk Areas Use Disposable Hospital Curtains?

Yes, that is right. Some of the curtains that you see in the hospitals are not reusable. Many medical facilities specifically purchase these types of curtains due to their disposable and replaceable nature.

But why is that? Wouldn’t it be quicker, easier and more cost-effective, and possibly even eco-friendly to reuse the existing curtains? After all, isn’t that what we do at home?

Let’s dig deeper and find out why these curtains are so essential to hospitals around the world and where you are most likely to see them.

Where exactly do they use these types of curtains?

Disposable hospital curtains are not used everywhere. In fact, some medical facilities may use reusable curtains in low-risk areas. However, whenever it comes to the ICU, operating areas, emergency and burn unit departments disposable curtains are always an essential part of the equipment within the space.

The advantages of disposable hospital curtains

The truth is that these curtains are not made for comfort, ease of use, or for their stylish colouration even though they may meet some of those characteristics. No, the real reason for making them disposable is about saving lives.

In many medical institutions, there is a host of bacteria and infectious substances that can put patients in harm’s way. Often there is no time to wash everything before someone else enters the space previously occupied by another patient. In such a case, it is easy and doable to replace the curtain but not necessarily to clean it.

In addition, even an attempt at cleaning does not always succeed in the way it should. The only guaranteed way to protect the people within the hospital and to prevent contamination from high-risk and high-traffic areas is to get rid of the old and come in with a new set of curtains.

This is why disposable hospital curtains are a must-have item for every medical facility.

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