Why Daily Pet Care Could Be the Best Thing for Your Dog

When you first get a dog, you envision spending all your time hanging out, playing, and becoming life-long best friends. And then reality sets in, and you realize that you still have to go to work every day. Meanwhile, your dog stays at home, and this is where many dog owners start having problems. Dogs that are left alone for long periods frequently get destructive, start having accidents in the home, or just don’t get enough exercise and care. These are some of the reasons that people consider daily pet care at a doggie daycare facility, but there are quite a lot of other great reasons to check this option out. Here are just two:

Great Socialization

If your dog is an “only dog” that stays home during the work week, they may not have much of a chance to get used to being around other dogs. One thing that you will find in a pet care facility is that your dog will have regular socialization, which can help them be friendlier at the dog park and happier over all. Dogs are pack animals, and usually do like being near other dogs – teaching them how to behave around new dogs is a great way to ensure they have a happy, engaged attitude in many situations throughout life. This socialization can also help them feel less anxious about having to be away from you, just like sending a child to daycare to have fun with their friends.

Supervision to Help with Safety and Training

You already know that taking your dog to a doggie daycare can help prevent them from tearing up your favorite shoes or your couch. But there are other reasons that human supervision is good for dogs. For one, you won’t have to worry about their safety. If your dog is alone, they could eat something that is bad for them or gets hurt in other ways. Additionally, human supervision means that any commands you are working on, like not urinating indoors, will be reinforced all day long, not just when you are home.

At K9 Resorts in Hamilton, NJ, we offer the very best in compassionate doggie day care. Our staff is highly trained, and our facility is designed by canine experts to ensure the dogs’ comfort and entertainment. Check us out today to learn more!

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