Why Custom Printing Is So More Than Large Posters and Banners

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Printing

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There’s a surprising number of people that cannot easily read books that have been printed in the conventional manner. A small font can be difficult for many people to read and some prefer to read using a larger typeface. That’s easy enough to change if you are using a modern e-book reader, but when your customers prefer a traditional book, as an author, you will choose to use the route of custom printing. Orange county has a variety of locations that sell large print books.

Individuals with a low reading age can benefit greatly by reading from large font books.

We Don’t All Wish to Read on A Kindle

Although Kindles are obviously one of the greatest inventions from the past 100 years for many, there are a wide range of individuals that still prefer to pick up an old-fashioned book and turn the pages one at a time, use a bookmark to know where to read next and turn on a light switch to be able to see.

To be able to read large print books, you will need access to a library, retail store or online, wherever sells a wide range of large print books. This will appeal both to the visually impaired, which accounts for a large element of society and all those who choose to read this way as a preference. Instead of reading at a font size between 9 and 11, reading at a 16-point font size, becomes fun again.

Unless you can complete a deal with a publisher for printing in large font size, you may need to self-publish by choosing the custom printing option.

Children Enjoy Large Fonts

We all know and the experts keep reminding us, that children enjoy reading from very early ages, particularly when the stories are fascinating, fun and sometimes slightly scary, especially when they are linked to wonderful illustrations.

Unfortunately, many publishers believe that the marketplace for large print books is relatively small. While publishers do print many children’s books, they do not, generally, account for the many people who prefer or require large font prints.

Creating Your Own Market

While you may have thought that custom printing in orange county was only good for producing several specific posters or banners for businesses, they can also be used for a variety of other options.

Where your local bookstore fails to offer a variety of large print books, this will provide you with the opportunity to present your own self published books. By custom printing, you control how many copies that you print, the selling price and the number of books you wish to offer at any time.

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