Why Choose Custom Fabricated Trailer Services: Shingle Springs, CA

Not all trailers are created equal. For example, a concession trailer isn’t the same as an ATV trailer and both will not meet the same needs. A trailer for your business or hobbies should be customized to meet all of your business needs and more. When choosing custom fabricated trailer services, you can guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want.

Types of Trailers

There are a variety of types of trailers in the marketplace and they all suit different needs. A few of the common trailers are:

  • Automobile trailers
  • Concession trailers (i.e. food trucks)
  • Vending trailers
  • Command centers (i.e. mobile immunization trucks)
  • ATV, motorcycle, & snowmobile trailers

Each of these trailers can be customized so that you can get the most out of your trailer. You can add/remove accessories and features to make it your own. If you need trailer service Shingle Springs, be sure to choose a company that has your best interest at heart. Always do research on companies and Visit the website to see what services are offered.

Meet Even The Most Specific Trailer Needs

Whether you’re transporting vintage vehicles or horses, a custom fabricated trailer is one step to keeping a business or operation running smoothly and efficiently. There are hundreds of accessories and add-ons available, from sliding windows (for concession trailers) to lighting, and from cabin space to storage racks. The possibilities are virtually endless.

When choosing a custom-fabricated trailer, you can also guarantee that your current vehicle will be able to pull the trailer, even when it’s fully loaded. Be sure to talk to a professional trailer salesperson like those at Vintage Transport if you’re unsure of certain specifications or max load weight.


Instead of having to purchase all parts and install everything yourself, a trailer service Shingle Springs will install everything for you. This takes the load off of you, clears up some free time, and will likely save you a great deal of frustration. By choosing the professionals, you will guarantee that everything is installed professionally and with care.

When choosing a trailer for your business, the only guaranteed way to ensure that every need is met is by choosing a custom-designed trailer. So, start planning for your custom fabricated trailer and make your dreams come true.

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