Why an Affordable Chimney Relining Service in Carroll County, MD is An Important Home Safety Service

Older homes were often built without any lining in their chimneys or they may have been lined with clay tiles that have since decayed over time. A new liner is necessary because it helps to funnel the smoke, flames and carbon monoxide up the chimney and out of the home. It can be dangerous to not replace damaged liners or to use a chimney without any lining. An Affordable Chimney Relining Service in Carroll County MD will protect the home, keep everyone inside the home safer and make the fireplace or other heating system operating more efficiently.

There are several types of liners, but the most common and fastest to install are metal liners. The chimney will be cleaned prior to installation and any old liners removed before the new liner is slipped into place. Metal liners are a durable option that almost always come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to future owners of the home. The most popular material for this liner is stainless steel because it is reliable and works with all heating types. This can be an expensive choice when compared to other lining options, but its lengthy warranty and reliability make it one of the best options. Aluminum liners are more affordable than stainless, but they are only recommended for use with gas heating systems.

Liners can be make of clay tile as well. They can be used to replace an old liner, but are typically chosen when the chimney itself is under construction. They last for several decades when they are installed properly, but the tiles will break and crumble over time. It is possible to have a poured concrete liner installed as well. This should only be attempted by a professional who is familiar with the product. People sometimes choose this option for older homes because they can help to make an old chimney more stable.

Every homeowner should have their chimney inspected to review the condition of their liner. At MagicMountainChimney.com it is possible to schedule an appointment for cleaning and inspection. If the liner is damaged, or one is not installed, they can provide an estimate for a new installation. Contact them to learn more about the options they offer for their Affordable Chimney Relining Service in Carroll County MD.

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