Which Kitchen Upgrades May Lower Your Resale Value?

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Home Improvement

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You were going to spend a surprisingly large element of your life within your kitchen space. This is also true of those that cannot cook and can maybe press a few buttons on the microwave oven. You will devote time to your family and friends, talking, eating and opening your favorite wine, in the kitchen area, so it’s important that any upgrades in your kitchen are both practical and sensible, to boost your resale value, should you choose to move home. Selecting the best kitchen countertops in Minneapolis will help improve your resale value, but choosing the worst will have the opposite effect

Islands Are Not Always Convenient

When you have added the most wonderful kitchen countertops in Minneapolis, to your environment, the installation of an island that is not convenient for those working or sitting around the kitchen, may prove to be enough to stop some people purchasing your property. The distance between your fridge and sink should be short and having to walk around an inconvenient island will not help purchasers looking for a great kitchen.

Choosing the Correct Appliances

Purchasers do not usually wish to visit several stores to upgrade all the appliances the week they move into their new home. You do not need to purchase the most expensive appliances in the world for your kitchen, but where you have purchased the cheaper possible electrical items, the value of your property may be downgraded, specifically where these items are clearly shown to be out of place alongside granite or quartz kitchen countertops in Minneapolis.

Too much stainless steel may be overpowering for some purchasers while very short cabinets will show a cook that there is very little space to store necessities. Longer cabinets are better, but not where they were selected from the plain white $10 range.

The quality of lighting within the kitchen is important as potential purchasers will not wish to remove the backsplash and part of the ceiling to install a variety of lighting that helps bring safety and security to your kitchen.

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