When Your Restroom Speaks, Your Customers Listen

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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Do you know what customers talk about when they leave your store or restaurant? Hopefully, they will mention things like the helpful staff and great selection you offer. However, one area of your establishment can dwarf all other topics: your restrooms. The public restrooms you offer your customers can, in their minds at least, reveal how you truly feel about them. Customers can pick up subtle clues about your business practices from a single trip to the bathroom. Simple things like sanitation, comfort and the presence of electric hand dryers can let your customers know that you mean it when you say you care.

The first thing they will most likely notice is the general state of cleanliness. The job of cleaning the restrooms is usually not a favorite among employees but appointing a dedicated person who is efficient at the job can work out best. This employee should plan to clean the restrooms thoroughly at least once a day. The worker needs to plan to spot-check them throughout the day and do any required touch ups. This member of your staff should also be responsible for keeping the restrooms supplied with toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels if you do not have electric hand dryers.

In addition to a sanitary and well-stocked restroom, customers will also undoubtedly appreciate a comfortable one. Do your stalls provide adequate privacy? Many people will appreciate locks that work on stall doors to protect them from someone barging in on them by mistake. Electric hand dryers can convey that you encourage hand washing and care about the environment. Making sure that you have nice decorations, full-length mirrors, and faucets that do not drip can also help you win customer loyalty.

Following a few of these simple tips can help show your customers that you pay attention to details and care about their comfort and wellbeing. After all, when you are in business, your success can depend on what your customers think of you. Visit Worlddryer.com for more information.

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