When You Need Pet Boarding in Everett

Owning a pet is a great responsibility. It is important to provide a pet with all the love and care they deserve. For many owners, it does not take long before that pet has become a beloved member of the family. They often take the pet with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, there are times and events that a pet cannot go to with their owner. This can make it difficult for an owner to find the right care for the pet while they are away. Fortunately, there is Pet Boarding in Everett to provide that care.

Comfortable kennels

Any dog would enjoy a comfortable setting with plenty of room to run. The right Pet Boarding in Everett can offer a safe and enjoyable stay for dogs in their kennels. Although it can be hard to leave a pet in the care of others, pet owners can be confident in the care their pets can receive. The sleeping area for dogs provides fresh bedding daily and a heated environment for them to sleep and play. Fresh food is provided, or they can enjoy food from home. They also get access to many other amenities of the facilities.

Playtime and exercise

While at the kennel, dogs can have two hours every day to run and play in their playground area with other dogs. They can run and jump and even splash in a pool on warm days. This can give the dog the perfect opportunity to socialize with other animals as well as get plenty of fresh air and fun. In addition, the furry family member can opt to take daily walks with experienced handlers. This can ensure the furry family members get the exercise they need to stay healthy and trim during their stay.

Grooming services

In addition to the various comforts and fun of the facilities, dogs can also enjoy the grooming services available during their stay. The full-service pet salon can provide the care a dog needs to stay happy, healthy, and clean. By scheduling appointments near the end of the stay, pet owners can pick up a beautifully fresh doggy from the facilities. This can help make the experience pleasing for everyone.

In addition to dog boarding, these facilities can also offer to board for cats. Facilities, such as Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc, offer a jungle gym and scratching posts to keep the kitty happy during their stay.

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