When to Use Polyurea Concrete Coating in Minnesota

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Flooring Contractor

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Concrete floors are the perfect choice for commercial and industrial settings due to their durability and cost-efficiency. However, they require proper maintenance to withstand wear and tear from daily use, spills, and heavy equipment. Polyurea concrete coating is a popular solution to enhance the lifespan of the concrete floor and protect it from damage. Polyurea is a newer technology that is fast-drying, long-lasting, and flexible, making it ideal for use in Minnesota.

This article will explore the benefits and when to use polyurea concrete coating in Minnesota.

In Extreme Weather Conditions

Minnesota has harsh winters with freezing temperatures, and concrete floors can crack and lift due to the freeze-thaw cycle. Polyurea has superior elasticity, which can withstand extreme weather conditions without cracking, peeling, or rupturing.

Polyurea coating remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures, meaning it won’t chip or break under stress from fluctuating temperatures. If you have a concrete floor exposed to harsh weather, choose polyurea coating to protect and extend the life of the floor.

High-Traffic Areas

If you have a commercial or industrial setting, chances are you have high-traffic areas where heavy machinery and foot traffic move through. Concrete flooring is widely used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, garages, and other high traffic areas. Polyurea concrete coating in Minnesota is four times stronger than epoxy, providing excellent protection against impacts and abrasions.

It creates a durable, waterproof surface that protects the substrate from harsh chemicals, oil, and grease spills; it’s a perfect option for creating a slip-resistant floor that maintains an attractive appearance.

Fast Installation for Time-Sensitive Projects

Polyurea is ideal for time-sensitive projects due to its fast-drying and quick return-to-service capabilities. Standard coatings take up to twenty-four hours to dry, while polyurea can be installed in as little as two hours and be ready for use in twenty-four hours. This fast process reduces downtime, which is why polyurea is the preferred coating for commercial and industrial settings such as hospitals, airports, and schools.

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