When To Use A Teflon Ball Valve

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Business

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In any type of fluid handling and processing application, having an effective way to control the flow of the solution through the system is essential. This control is typically provided through the use of strategically positioned valves that can be controlled either manually or through automated control mechanisms.

One of the most common methods used in any type of fluid processing and transport system is a ball valve. Different options exist in these valves from a simple hand operated valve to the more complex pneumatical actuated ball valves and electric actuated ball valves.

There are also different options in materials that make up the valve. While various alloys are used in many processing facilities, for specialized applications the choice of a Teflon ball valve is often the best option.

How a Ball Valve Operates

The design of a Teflon ball valve, or any ball valve, is one of the reasons they are used in so many diverse applications. The housing of the valve surrounds a hollow ball that is perforated on both sides. As the ball is turned by either the manual external handle or through automated controls the holes rotate over the input and output lines, controlling the flow of fluid from maximum to zero.

As there are minimal moving parts they are not just easy to install and operate, they are also durable, rugged and dependable. These ball valves are often the valve of choice when they are infrequently adjusted as they don’t have the same problems with locking up that is found in other valve designs.

The Advantages of Teflon

The choice of a Teflon ball valve is often due to the medium through the system or the specific environmental conditions for the application. Teflon is an ideal option when the medium is corrosive or when there will be extreme operating temperatures.

There will be different options in these ball valves to accommodate different system and port configurations and sizes as well as different pressure requirements.

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