When to Seek Urgent Care in Middlesex County NJ

It can be hard to decide when it is truly appropriate to head to the emergency room. This is particularly true when an acute injury or serious illness rears its ugly head on a weekend or after normal office hours. A real medical emergency, which requires immediate hospitalization, is generally defined as a condition that poses a genuine threat to an individual’s life, limbs, or organs. That means things like uncontrolled bleeding, breathing problems, chest pain, and most head injuries should all be considered cause for heading to the nearest emergency room immediately. Often, though, less serious conditions can be treated at a medical clinic instead. Below is a short and by no means comprehensive list of reasons to seek Urgent Care in Middlesex County NJ.

Lacerations and Puncture Wounds

Surface injuries that occur in places on the body other than the head can typically be treated effectively at an urgent care clinic. Patients should apply pressure to their wounds immediately after receiving them. Note that if the bleeding is severe and poses a threat to the person’s life or the affected area of the body, he or she should head to an emergency room instead.

Allergic Reactions

Minor allergic reactions can be treated at an urgent care clinic. These often include rashes, hives, and minor asthma emergencies. Patients who are unable to breathe or are otherwise at risk for anaphylaxis should instead seek care at an emergency room.

Bites and Stings

Both snake bites and bee stings can usually be treated at an urgent care clinic as opposed to a hospital. When someone has been bitten by a snake, it’s a good idea to seek medical treatment immediately. Bee and wasp stings only need to be treated by a professional if they are exceptionally numerous or if the patient may be at risk for an allergic reaction.

Preventative Health Issues

Patients who are not local to Hawaii and require prescription refills or other forms of immediate preventative health care can often find the services they need at an urgent care clinic.

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