When to Make Window Repairs in Arlington

If your windows are fairly new, they may need repairs from time to time. Even if they have several years on them, a repair may be a better option than replacing the whole window. Always make a repair when it is needed. Doing so can prevent a larger problem down the road.

The window repairs in Arlington that are made often are based on the style of the window, its age, and whether it is made from wood or non-wood materials. When a wood window is well-maintained, it actually can last as long as a century. However, if it is not painted, the window will quickly erode. Therefore, if a wood window is painted and needs repair, the damage is often cosmetic. In other words, the damage frequently looks worse than it appears. As a result, holes in sills or sashes are a fairly easy fix.

Repairing Stops and Sashes

Because stops or sashes on wood windows wear down over time, they can develop gaps that cause the outside air to come through the window. In this case, window repairs may consist of the addition of weather-stripping. Also, double-hung windows made of wood usually feature counterweights that help lift the sashes.

While the sashes can be repaired, the pulleys and weights are housed in a large cavity. Therefore, window repairs to double-hung windows often require the use of lifting mechanisms that are affixed to the sash, thereby permitting the cavity to be filled and reducing overall heat loss.

Repairing Gaskets

Normally windows that are made of non-wood materials last about two decades. However, many times the gaskets on the windows do not last as long. As a result, they often need to be repaired.

Any window repairs that are made to windows should improve the window’s efficiency to keep the cold or heat from outside out of the house. Also, any glazing that is needed for the glass should be considered as this ensures that the window will stay intact and meet your indoor comfort requirements.

Learn more about window repair and replacement today by visiting such sites as Aaa-glass.com online. The more that you know about the subject, the more you can stay on top of any repair issues as they arise.

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