When to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been sick or injured as a result of performing your job, you may be required to file a claim for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation will pay for your rehabilitation, medical care, as well as some of your lost wages if you are unable to work. In order to qualify for these benefits, you must submit a claim that will be processed based on the guidelines of your state.

Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you feel as though you have been seriously injured at work, then you need to visit a doctor immediately. After you receive medical care for your injury, you should contact your employer right away to let them know when and how your injury occurred.  You should notify your employer without delay, because some states require you to inform them within three days. However, this will vary from state to state.

If your employer does not wish to help you with the situation, you will need to call your workers’ compensation office and they will be able to handle the situation accordingly. Your employer will be giving you a great deal of paperwork to fill out. You may want to find an El Monte Workers’ Compensation attorney who can provide you with the details about the process.  Paperwork will have to be sent to multiple parties, so it is best to have an attorney look over it, especially if it is a serious injury or illness.

Receiving Benefits

If you have an illness or injury that is not permanent and is not causing you to lose significant income, you can request for assistance in payment of your medical bills as that will be the extent of your claim. If you are seriously injured, you may be able to receive checks to cover your loss of wages. This can be a complicated process so it is best to have an attorney look over it.

You will need to locate your workers’ compensation office to present your claim. Many states have websites and hotlines that you will have access to if you have any questions regarding the filing process.


If you are seriously injured, it is best to leave it up to an attorney who has the skill and expertise to handle workers’ compensation cases. It can be a very complicated process, especially if you are not up to the task. Hiring an attorney will make things much easier on you during this trying time.

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