When to Call a Property Insurance Claim Attorney in North Miami, Florida

A denial of an insurance claim is the last thing anyone wants to see when they have experienced property damage. Many problems can arise when repairs have to wait for the insurance company to pay to repair the damage. A broken window becomes a theft risk or a way for water damage to occur. A loss of property after a break-in can leave homeowners without a laptop for work or with an inability to secure their home better. Insurance denials affect the quality of life, but there are ways for people to get help.

Ask for Clarification

The insurance company cannot deny a claim without a reason. The client has a right to know the reason for the denial, and to have the explanation detailed in writing. Compare the reasons with the insurance declaration form to decide if it is a legitimate denial. It is acceptable to contact a Property Insurance Claim Attorney in North Miami FL at this time. Homeowners can also wait and try to manage the problem on their own before contacting anyone else.

Talk to Insurers

Discuss the denial with the agent after researching the details. In many instances, the problem could have occurred because of a paperwork error or an omission. Make certain the company understands how the damage happened, and why it qualifies for coverage under the current policy.

File an Appeal

An appeal is a formal way to request the insurance reconsider a claim. Do not just submit the same information as before but add to it with a more in-depth description of the loss and photographs of the damage. Look for any way possible to refute the reason for the original denial.

Get Some Help

A Property Insurance Claim Attorney in North Miami FL is often the best resource for homeowners. The services can begin after the first denial or following an unsuccessful appeal. Many homeowners do not understand their policies. An attorney understands the laws and ensures the client has the protection they need.

Delayed claim approvals and settlements cost insurance clients time and money. In many instances, the denials are unfair, so no one should accept the response from their insurer after paying for the protection for years. Schedule an appointment with an attorney that handles insurance cases to learn more about the options available.

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