When Should I Bring My Pet to a Veterinary Hospital?

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Animal Hospital

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The last thing any pet owner could ever imagine or want to happen to their beloved companion is a health emergency. However, these incidents can and do happen, sometimes in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the key to helping your pet survive such a terrifying ordeal is recognizing the signs that something is wrong so you can take appropriate action as soon as possible.

To help you know when your pet may be in need of emergency veterinary hospital care, here are some of the most common signs of a health crisis.

Sudden Personality Changes

You’ve likely lived with your pet for a while, long enough to know what sorts of behaviors are normal for them and how they typically respond to you. As such, anything out of the ordinary may be cause for concern. Take, for instance, a pet that is normally affectionate and cuddly but suddenly refuses to be anywhere near you. Sometimes this behavior is temporary; it could be a smell you’re emitting or a host of other factors. However, if this behavior persists to the point of worry on your end, it’s best to talk to a professional at a veterinary hospital and request a checkup for your pet.

Breathing Problems

Just as with humans, any signs of poor breathing in a pet should be looked at immediately. The respiratory system is vital to any and every animal’s survival. Allowing the problem to persist could cause it to grow worse and become life-threatening. If you notice your pet suddenly gasping for air or otherwise just short of breath, take them to a veterinary hospital right away!


Seizures are a very serious affliction and usually signal a severe medical issue. If your pet suddenly breaks into convulsions, don’t hesitate to get them medical attention. A professional will be able to run the necessary tests to see what’s causing the seizure activity – and potentially save your pet’s life!

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