When It comes to Sink Drain Clogs, a Plumber in Saginaw TX Is Rarely Surprised

A plumber in Saginaw TX who provides service for drain clearing has probably seen some very strange sights over the years. So many people don’t think much about what they send down sink drains, and then they are startled to find out what a mess can inadvertently be made.

Dental Floss

Although household residents may be shocked to discover that a ball of dental floss has built up in a pipe’s U-bend under a sink, the plumber probably isn’t fazed. A little kid lives in the house? Sure, it seemed like a good idea to dispose of used floss by washing it down the sink drain every day.


The bathtub and shower combination has a drain cover that can be lowered and raised with a lever. There’s no strainer on top for the hair that is normally shed during showering, however. That’s not a problem for the middle-aged bald man who lives in the house until he gets serious with a woman with long, thick hair.

Little by little, the water flow in the tub slows down until showering means standing in several inches of water. The plumber dismantles the pipes under the tub and pulls out a big glob of long hair, which has become slimy and unpleasantly aromatic due to the residue of shampoo, conditioner, soap, body oil and general dirt that have become stuck in the material.

Cooking Oil

People pour all sorts of things into sink drains that should not go into those areas. What can be done about a deep fryer filled with old cooking oil? Pour the oil into the kitchen sink, of course. Later, a plumber in Saginaw TX discovers hardened grease along the sides of the drain pipe. Even if the oil was hot when it was poured out, it quickly solidifies and then begins catching the bits of food that wind up going down the drain. Soon the pipe is thoroughly clogged.

In the future, plumbing service calls can be prevented by avoiding these sorts of activities. For now, a company such as Ace Repair Plumbing is available to assist. Browse us online to learn about the services provided.

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