What’s the Right Epoxy Coating for Your Floors?

For the uninitiated, one epoxy coating is just the same as the next one. However, if you’re set on using epoxy coating on your floors, you better know the difference between different types of epoxy coatings. This information will come in handy when it’s time for you to pick out the epoxy coating that’s perfect for your garage floors.

Waterborne Epoxy Paint
If you want something that’s easy to apply and DIY-friendly, this is it. Kits using waterborne epoxy paint has lower epoxy solid content so it’s much thinner. It’s also less viscous and stands a better chance of lasting longer than high solids or clear epoxy top coats. If the quick drying time of epoxy coatings frustrate you, this should give you leeway in terms of application speed. However, this is also the least durable type of epoxy coating out there. A thin coating means it’s less resistant to stains and chemicals as well as peeling.

High Solids Epoxy Coating
Commercial grade epoxy brands, on the other hand, demonstrate exceptional durability. It won’t stain as easily, resists chemicals that much stronger, and less likely to last longer, despite abrasions. This type of epoxy coating contains 100 percent solids so a single coat is more than enough to trump the effects of two coats of water-based epoxy. It’s that durable and strong. However, it’s less ideal for DIYers, especially if this is your first time mixing and applying the coating. You’ll have a tough time controlling the paint, making sure every coat is applied just right while keeping an eye out on the clock and the fast-drying mixture. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a can of hardened epoxy. So if you don’t want to waste a single drop, you’ll have to work on improving your coat applying skills.

Clear Epoxy Coats
After the layer of high solids epoxy, you’ll have to apply a clear top coat of clear epoxy. This adds to the thickness of the coating, improves durability, and makes your floors shine.

Premium Multi-Coat Epoxy Coat
If you’re looking for the best coating in town, you’ll find it with this one. It’s made up of a 100 percent solids basecoat along with a primer coat and acrylic colored paint chips that add any custom look to your floors.

So make sure you know what you’re doing when you pick out an epoxy coat. For epoxy flooring installation services in Atlanta, contact a professional company like Granite Garage Floors.

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