What You Need to Know About Hiring a Business Attorney

Cutting costs and keeping your budget in line is a top priority for most small business owners. This is one of the many reasons why these startup companies don’t seek the services of a business attorney until they are facing serious legal trouble. However, keeping your lawyer close at hand throughout your business’s rise to success can help you prevent and quickly address problems to make every day a little easier.

When to Hire a Business Lawyer

Knowing when you need a lawyer to defend or advise your business can be difficult. If you find yourself in any of these situations -and don’t already have a lawyer on your team – contact one right away:

  • You’ve received an offer on your business or are looking to purchase another business.
  • You are looking to hand the business off to another person or group.
  • Your business is being investigated on either a local, state or federal level for criminal activity or legal violations.
  • Persons who are or have been employed by your company have made legal allegations against you, ranging from discrimination or hiring malpractice to harassment or wrongful termination.
  • Your company is being accused of having a part in an environmental violation or causing major problems on an environmental level.

Call Before You Have To

If you’re still in doubt of whether you’re in need of business legal services, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contacting a lawyer before you need one will take the stress of urgency off your shoulders and allow you to choose a professional you really love working with. When you’re setting up a business, one of your first priorities should be consulting a Jacksonville business attorney. Having a legal professional in your corner will help you navigate the process of preparing for success – and achieving it!

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