What Types of Evidence Does a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester, CT Need for a Case?

Those who are involved in a car wreck, suffer a dog bite, or fall in their neighborhood grocery store often wonder what they should do next or if they have enough evidence to file a case. A personal injury attorney in Manchester, CT can help to determine what is needed to file a case. The main goal of the attorneys at Kahan Kerensky & Capossela LLP is to prove the defendant is liable for the negligence that has caused a physical injury. To back up the credibility of the case and be able to prove neglect, evidence is needed. These are some critical types of evidence that may be used in the case.

Photographs/Physical Evidence

In cases such as an auto accident, the car itself would be physical evidence. Photographs of the accident scene, damage to vehicles, road conditions, hazards, and the time of the accident are also important details to have. With a slip and fall or dog bite, pictures of the scene and injuries would be necessary. It is good to get many photographs at many different views.

Eye Witness Testimony

At the scene of almost every incident, there are people that witnessed it. Having these people available for testimony may strengthen a case. Contact information should be gathered at the scene for anyone who witnessed what happened. It is important to make sure and discuss what they saw so that it can be decided if it would be valuable or not.

Police Reports

A police report can help solidify a case by showing neglect through description and observation of the accident or injuries. It is best to cooperate with police on the scene and follow up once a report is available.

Medical Records

Medical records are necessary to show the extent of any injuries. They are also helpful to determine the cost of the medical treatment that resulted from the accident injuries. These need to be dated back to the start of the injuries in order to prove that they are a result of said accident.

Proof of Lost Wages

If the accident caused missed work, it is important to keep a log of the dates and compensation missed to include in the claim. Lost wages could make up a significant portion of the damages.

Evidence is a critical component that a personal injury attorney in Manchester, CT will need to file a case. For questions regarding filing a suit, please visit us website.

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