What Type Of Drivers Are Trucking Companies Hiring?

by | Jun 20, 2016 | transportation

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Trucking companies across the United States are always looking for top quality drivers. Those drivers may be new in the industry, or they may be experienced drivers that are not achieving the advancement and recognition they feel that is right based on their driving history and experience.

Regardless of your experience as a driver, or your lack of experience, finding the most driver-friendly trucking companies hiring will be an essential consideration. As with any type of career, experience will be one of the most important factors, but it won’t be the only issue that companies are going to consider.

Work on Hand

There are two basic types of ads for trucking companies hiring. The one that most people are looking for is immediate work with routes and driving to start as soon as the application process is completed. The second option is for future work, or work that is to start should the trucking company expand their services. This is less common, but large companies with significant numbers of drivers may have a need for a roster of people that are ready to work as needed.

Most trucking companies place a higher level of emphasis on experienced truckers. However, they are also interested in newer drivers, generally those with at least six months of driving experience, as this provides the company with a good indicator as to a driver’s safety record and abilities.


While trucking itself is a career, trucking companies also want drivers to represent their business. Having the ability to be professional when picking up loads, delivering to customers and clients and when working in and around the yard is going to be important. While trucking is a very self-managing type of career, it is becoming more team based in every organization. This means people skills, as well as just driving skills, are an essential consideration for the hiring manager.

Other skills you may have from other jobs or training may be very beneficial to a trucking company as well. Be sure to indicate if you have experience with computers, have first aid training and have experience with customer service or any other specific jobs.

All trucking companies hiring drivers want to choose professional, safe and experienced drivers. More than ever, companies are looking for long-term employees, and they are working to create positive working environments to ensure drivers remain with their company for more than just a few months or years.

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