What to Look for when Purchasing Eclipse Glasses

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Shopping

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The majority of people understand it is quite dangerous to look directly at a solar eclipse because it can result in eye damage. Although it is an exciting event that does not take place very often, one should always consider their safety because losing eyesight when it could be avoided is just not necessary. This is why glasses for eclipse are not available for purchase. However, prior to purchasing a pair for your viewing pleasure, there are a few things to consider.


The first thing to consider is the durability of the glasses for eclipse. Modern options will feature a thin, polarized film secured inside of a durable cardboard frame. You need to ensure that the glasses being purchased are constructed from good materials and that the frames have been lamented. You don’t want to purchase glasses that are just going to fall apart while you are watching the eclipse or that are going to become easily bent in a pocket or purse.

If you want to avoid paper altogether, there are also traditional looking sunglass type eclipse glasses. These are the most durable options and can be used time and time again for an eclipse event.

Good Coverage and Fit

Another factor to consider when searching for glasses for eclipse is once that have lenses that are big enough to let you see the whole event. Try to avoid any glasses that have extremely small slits for the lenses or the film. You should also choose a pair that will cover the entire eye. This includes the side of the eyes, just so that you are safe. This is crucial because you don’t want the dangerous UV rays coming from the sun to meet your eyes. If the glasses do not provide enough coverage, they may lead to dangerous consequences for the eyes.

Consider the Cost

While you want to protect your eyes during the eclipse, you don’t want to go broke purchasing everyone in your family glasses for eclipse. Take some time to do plenty of research so you can find a quality pair of frames that does not exceed your budget. This will ensure your eyes remain protected during the entire eclipse.

Getting to view an eclipse – of any kind – is a special treat. Be sure your eyes are protected by purchasing the proper type of glasses for the event. It is also important that children’s and even pets eyes are protected during the eclipse since the sun can cause serious damage.

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