What to Initially Expect in a Criminal Law Case in Maricopa, AZ

In Maricopa, AZ, as well as across the state, hundreds of people are charged with criminal acts on any given day. Some of these charges are misdemeanor offenses, while others are more serious and significant felony offenses as part of their criminal law case.

Regardless of the type of criminal act or acts included in the charges, it is a very difficult and overwhelming time for most people. Working with a top criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged will help you to understand the case and to allow the lawyer to begin to gather evidence for your defense.

Getting Legal Help

Knowing what to expect is often the biggest source of worry. You, or a family member, should contact a trusted attorney with experience in handling your type of criminal law case. A good place to start in Maricopa, AZ is at Morganalexander.net, a top local attorney with extensive criminal defense experience.

If you have been arrested, you will be notified of the charges. This includes being taken to the police station where you will be fingerprinted, photographed, and booked into the jail.

Shortly after this, the individual charged must appear before a justice of the peace or a magistrate for an initial appearance. The attorney hired to represent you in your criminal law case must be there as well, and they will meet with you in advance to explain the procedure and what you are required to do and say during the hearing.

In most cases, the individual will be released based on specific conditions set by the court. This may include a bond, which is arranged with a bail bond company. There may be specific restrictions on travel or contact with others involved in the case. If there are any questions, be sure to discuss them with your attorney.

At this time, and depending on the specifics of the case, several things can happen. Your criminal defense attorney will provide you with specific information about your case, including what to expect moving forward with your legal defense.

If you have been charged with a criminal act, contact the team at Alexander Law Offices for representation in your criminal law case. For a free consultation, contact us through morganalexander.net.

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