What to Expect with Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you need a wisdom tooth removed, do you know what to expect from the oral procedure? Typically done in your dental office, the process is a routine one that should not have any high complication risks.

Tooth Preparation

After your consultation, your dentist office will schedule an appointment for the extraction to take place. Anesthesia is given prior to removal. Local or general anesthesia will be given depending on your sensitivity and how many teeth are to be taken out. Discuss with your dentist if you have any wisdom tooth pain in West Loop prior to your tooth removal.

Tooth Removal

Your dentist will remove your wisdom tooth by cutting open the gums that are surrounding the tooth. If any bone is in the way, that would be removed as well for easier extraction. Your tooth may be taken out as a whole or cut into smaller more manageable pieces.

Dissolvable stitches are typically used to fuse the gum tissue together once the tooth is out. This will help the healing process to be quicker and infection risk to be small.


Recovery time is generally only a few days. You may be prescribed with pain medicine or told to take over the counter medicine if your pain is not so intense.

Gauze may be provided to place on the removal site. In addition, your dentist will lay out a recovery plan for you to minimize any discomfort. This may include the recommendation of eating only soft foods, apply ice to the affected area and rinsing out your mouth with salt water to relieve any pain.

A follow-up appointment will be made for several days after the procedure. At this time, your dentist will inspect your mouth and the affected site. Any additional care will be addressed as well as any questions you may have can be asked as well.

If you have wisdom tooth pain in West Loop, contact Washington Dental Care for consultation. Find them online at www.washingtondentalcare.com.

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