What to Expect at an Imaging Center

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Health And Fitness

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An imaging center is a one-stop location where several different types of tests are conducted. Typically, your doctor will refer you to such a center so additional tests can be conducted that they can’t perform in the office. The results of such testing will then be sent to your doctor. Based on those results, he or she can rule out certain health issues or confirm a specific diagnosis. He can work with you to create a treatment plan based on such information.

The radiologist at the imaging center isn’t going to be able to share results with you about what he sees. Many patients ask and would like to have that information immediately, but it isn’t possible for him to disclose it. Your doctor’s office should have the results within a couple of days, and he should be able to provide you with copies of the images for your own records if you would like to have them.


Depending on the policies and procedures for your doctor’s office, you may need to schedule the appointment on your own. You may be given a referral, and then you would need to call the imaging center to make your appointment. As a courtesy, many medical offices will have one of their staff members call and make that appointment for you.

Arrive Early

Make sure you arrive early at the imaging center to complete all necessary paperwork. Even though this isn’t your regular doctor’s office, they need to collect patient information about you. This can take fifteen minutes to thirty minutes, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions, you can ask the receptionist.

When it is your turn for the appointment, you will be called back by the radiologist. Keep in mind you may not be called back in the order of arrival in the waiting room. You may be there for an MRI or an x-ray. Another patient may be there for a mammogram or an arthrogram. Different radiologists will be responsible for different types of testing.

Depending on the type of test you are getting at the imaging center, you may be required to show up a few hours early to consume a beverage. This allows the insides of the body to show in a certain way for the test. If you need to follow such instructions, they will be provided at the time when the appointment is scheduled.

Follow Instructions

In order for the test results from the imaging center to be accurate, you need to follow directions. If you are asked not to eat for a period of time before the test, make sure you don’t. If you are asked to show up early to consume something, make sure you are on time and you drink all of it. Such instructions are vital for the radiologist to do his job correctly.

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