What to Do Before You Hire a Fencing Company

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Deck and Fencing

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Lovely rows of white picket fences or iron-wrought fences to improve the security of your home—whatever your reasons for having these installed, you’ll need to find a Seattle Fencing firm to help you. Here are top tips to keep in mind.

Lock up your pets

When the estimator comes to assess your property, make life easier on you and the estimator. Lock up your pets. The last thing an estimator will want to see is your big dog at a loping run as it careens straight towards him.

Clear the foliage

You’ll want to do this on your if you have time and tools to do so. By clearing obstructions in the path like trees or rocks, you reduce the amount of work the crew will do and effectively lower your fencing installation costs.

Evaluate your soil

Some have uneven soil on their property and that could make for a few complications and problems. The estimator will factor that in when assessing your property and give you a quote, The Spruce explains.

Know what you want

Before you hire a Seattle Fencing firm, determine the fence you want. Why are you having one installed in the first place? Do you want to keep your pet from well within the boundaries of your property? Do you want to prevent pests from coming to your gardens? You’ll need to carefully consider your reasons for getting a fence to help you choose the right company to provide for your fencing needs.

Ask the basics

Will the company handle the permits or will you? A good company should take care of this for you. Does the company offer a warranty? What are the terms and conditions? What’s the timeline? By asking these questions, you’ll know sooner rather than later if you’ve found the right company for your fencing project.

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