What to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed in Moore, OK

Cannabis purchases are daunting even at the best dispensary in Moore, OK. When you walk into a cannabis store such as Craft Cannabis Company, there is a vast array of goods waiting for you. How do you even get started exploring your options?

The three factors that influence buyers the most when selecting a product are price, THC content, and strain name. Although these factors might be useful for limiting your alternatives, none of them directly relate to a product’s quality.

Here are some things to consider to ensure you are choosing the best weed in Moore, OK.


The greatest way to judge a product’s quality is by how fresh it is. Cannabis deteriorates with time. Terpenes almost completely disappear after six months due to continual evaporation. You have an edge if you’re fortunate enough to reside somewhere that lets you smell flowers before they’re wrapped.

Smelling a flower’s terpene profile is the easiest technique to detect. More terpenes are present when the fragrance is stronger. You want a strong aroma!

Look at the Trichomes

Additionally, you should ensure that the trichomes are mature and in good condition. A powerful genetically engineered plant will be covered with milky white flawless trichomes. If you notice clear trichomes, the plant was probably taken too early. If you see amber or dark trichomes, it was probably harvested too late. For the best weed in Moore, OK make sure your cannabis contains ripe trichomes.

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