What Sod Maintenance Service in McLean, VA Involves

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Landscaping

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One of the best ways to make a lawn the envy of the neighborhood is to install sod. However, new grass requires meticulous care and attention to stay lush and beautiful. Fortunately, Premier Turf Farms has provided sod to customers in Northern Virginia for 12 years. They offer advice and Sod Maintenance Service in McLean VA. They provide superior customer service and want to ensure their customers are aware of what’s involved.

Strategic Watering

To keep the roots of new grass from drying out, it needs to be watered often. Once the lawn is established, water the lawn frequently and deeply to encourage steady root growth. In addition to this, arrange sprinklers in a way that each part of the lawn, including the edges, receives an equal amount of water. To be certain that the sprinklers are providing the right coverage, place cups in different areas of the yard. Then, after the watering period, check to see that the cups have equal amounts of water in them.

Proper Fertilization

It is important to apply fertilizer to the sod as the laying process takes place. The lawn should be well fed for the first several weeks. Then, conduct a second application of fertilizer after the sod installation takes place. After this, begin fertilizing the yard regularly at three-month intervals. The sod experts will gladly suggest an exact timeline for applications.

Proper Mowing Practices

Mowing a lawn incorrectly will harm the grass and inhibit its growth. Wait at least one week after receiving the turf from the sod farm to mow it. When mowing it the first time, make sure the ground is dry, then trim to a height of two inches. Moving forward, maintain a two-inch lawn by mowing the grass when it reaches three inches.

Avoid letting the grass grow too much and get out of hand between cuts. Trimming more than one-third of the blade is referred to as scalping. This can damage the lawn.

For information about the installation or Sod Maintenance Service in McLean VA, turn to Premier Turn Farms. This family-owned company will offer the expertise that customers only find with local farms. Contact us today for a quote or for additional information.

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