What Ranchers Need to Know About How to Rent A Bull For Breeding

Ranchers with healthy bulls can help other farms have a successful breeding season by leasing their bulls. Farmers who rent a bull for breeding don’t want just any bull though. They expect bulls that are healthy and have a clean bill of health. Cattle farms interested in leasing out their bulls should read on to learn more about how to prepare for the rental process.

Plan Ahead

Before turning out a bull for breeding, ranchers need to prepare their bulls well in advance. Ideally, the process should begin 30-60 days before the rental period begins. During this time, the bull’s diet must be carefully monitored. The best bulls aren’t too thin or too fat. Make adjustments to their feeding schedules and food source to make sure they’re the perfect weight for the breeding season.

Clean Bill of Health

When leasing bulls for breeding, renters expect the bulls to be healthy. It’s the responsibility of the cattle owners to have their bulls seen by a vet and examined for any illnesses or genetic diseases. Vets must do a BSE test on any bull before a lease agreement is signed. BSE tests for mad cow disease and is an important test for ensuring one’s herd does not become infected by this devastating illness.

Hire a Leasing Company

Renting breeding bulls is a common practice among ranchers, but it’s time-consuming and involved. One of the best ways to rent a bull for breeding is to hire a leasing company to take care of all the details, including delivery. To learn more about this service, look for cattle farms that offer this service.

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