What Kind of Eye Doctor Do You Need?

Wondering whether you need an ophthalmologist, optometrist or an optician? Here’s how you can tell the difference among these eye specialists and figure out which one you need:


An ophthalmologist specializes in eye surgical care and prevention of eye diseases and are licensed by state regulatory boards to provide surgery, treatment and other eye care measures. They usually have an M.D. for Medical Doctor or D.O. for Doctor of Osteopathy after their names.


Optometrists specialize in the eye function and disorders, typically conducting eye exams as well as prescribing glasses and lenses, says Vision Aware. They usually have O.D. or Doctor of Optometry, after their names.


An optician specializes in supplying, preparing as well as distributing optical appliances, based on prescriptions. They provide patients with the contact lenses, artificial eyes or lens and frames necessary to correct or improve their vision problems.

Find a doctor

When you determine which one you need, start scouting around in your area for the eye specialist you need. Check by going online and searching for Grand Rapids Optometrist. You could also ask friends and family for suggestions.

Filter your list

Once you’ve put together all those names in a list, consider the following:

 * Location. Is it too far from you? Choose one that’s near to your home or office.
 * Hours. Is it open during the weekends? Is it possible to make it to your appointments or do you find the clinic closing down by 5 p.m.?
 * Treatment. Aside from education and training, are the staff polite and knowledgeable? That matters too. If the staff are rude and careless, you probably wouldn’t want to stay there a minute longer.
 * Services. Do they offer the latest in terms of services and technologies? If yes, that’s a sign you’re dealing with a good eye doctor.

So get your eyes checked out. Choose the right eye specialist for better eye care.

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