What is the Best Cable Management System?

Many commercial vehicles and equipment have a wide array of cables. Keeping them organized, safe, and out of the way can be a major problem due to the constant stress put upon them by movement and vibrations. That’s why it’s important to have cable tie bases and cable systems that are highly secure and cannot come loose under any conditions. So, what’s the best system to have? A welded system can be one of your best investments and here are some important features to look for when you buy welded components.

Quick Installation

One of the best things about welded connections is they are fast to install. However, some are much faster and easier to install than others. When you shop for cable tie bases, look for ones that can be installed in as little as three seconds through a magazine-fed system.

Carbon Steel

Steel is one of the strongest and most durable choices you can make. It’s also one of the easiest metals to weld in place. Look for bases that have high tensile strength (500 lbf) and a design torque of 30 foot-pounds.

Benefits of Capacitive Discharge (CD) Cable Tie Bases

CD mounts are some of the best ones you can buy. You don’t have to drill or bore any holes for mounting, and unlike adhesive type mounts, they cannot come loose. There is another important benefit of CD bases. All you have to do is weld the grounding tabs in place, and you don’t have to use studs, washers, and nuts.

CD bases are designed with insertion ramps. This makes installing ties fast and simple. Coined edges are another important feature to look for. This is the best way to prevent abrasion problems because they lock in place. CD cable tie bases are one hundred percent recyclable, and they are an eco-friendly choice for your business.

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