What is Present with Independent Senior Living Compared to Assisted Living?

A 2014 Census report details the growing number of older people in the United States. “In 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million, almost double its estimated population of 43.1 million in 2012.”

The report highlights a staggering reality of the next generation. People are living longer, and not just by a little bit. They are living longer, which means they are living healthier. There will be an incredible need for Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA as well as other smaller cities in the US. There will always be growing communities in major districts; Los Angeles and New York City will likely remain at the forefront. But, smaller cities cannot be lost in the shuffle.

It is More Affordable

In a purely practical sense, independent living is more affordable. There is no need to account for costs involved with medical assistance. An elderly loved one that can handle their own daily activities have pride in their ability to remain healthy, and that will have an immense impact on the monthly costs of living.

Centralized Care

Truthfully, most independent living communities do have some connection to medical care and assistance. The key difference is that the treatment center is isolated and away from the main living community. In an assisted living facility, there may be medical experts on every floor and in every building. The environment reflects on that reality. That is not the case with independent care, where the facility is left-of-center and in a separate area entirely.

The Breadth of Amenities

A community only has enough resources. A typical assisted living facility may only have enough resources for medical care and direct assistance. A community such as Orchard Crest Retirement Community can place fewer finances in direct assistance and care. They can allocate greater resources to activities that do not rely on treatment. This can include anything from a pool to trips.

The population is clearly getting older. It is doubling in the next 25 years. Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA is better for aging loved ones that manage and maintain their own fate in old age.

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