What Is Orthodontics?

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Dentistry

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The practice of orthodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry. Teeth which are crooked and misaligned are more difficult to clean, the result is they are more prone to decay and associated gum disease. Misaligned teeth do not function as they should, often there is significant stress on the muscles used for chewing which often leads to: headaches, TMJ syndrome, and pain in the upper back and neck. On top of all this is the aesthetics; crooked or misplaced teeth simply are unattractive.

After being treated by an orthodontist in Elmhurst the patient will have a healthier mouth, teeth which are more likely to last many years with normal attention and a far more pleasing appearance and a great smile.

Why do patients need orthodontics?

Only a skilled orthodontist can determine if you have a dental condition that can benefit from orthodontics. The orthodontist, using diagnostic tools such as X-Rays, photographs and plaster impressions can determine what the problems are, decide if the problems can be fixed with orthodontics and if so, develop a specialized treatment plan.

The following are typical problems that can be rectified through professional orthodontic treatment:

  *  Overbite: A person with this condition is often said to be one with “buck teeth.” This condition exists when the teeth in the upper jaw protrude over the teeth in the lower jaw.

  *  Under bite: This is just the opposite of overbite, in this case the teeth in the lower jaw are too far forward or the teeth in the upper jaw are too far back.

  *  Open bite: This is a condition where there is a space or gap between the side or the front teeth when the rear molars are together.

  *  Spacing: Many people have spaces between their teeth, this is usually because the teeth are undersize and don’t fill the mouth properly.

  *  Overcrowding: Just the opposite, there are either too many teeth or they are too large.

How are these conditions corrected?

There are a number of different dental appliances that are available to the orthodontist in Elmhurst, most are fixed but there are also removable solutions. Regardless of whether they are fixed for the duration of the treatment or whether they make use of numerous removable aligners the objective is to reposition the teeth through the application of gentle but consistent pressure on both the teeth and the jaws.

If you are unhappy with the alignment of your teeth you will need to work with an orthodontist in Elmhurst. You are invited to schedule a complimentary consolation with the professionals at Oakbrook Orthodontics. Visit them online at www.oakbrookortho.com/braces-orthodontist-elmhurst/

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