What Is CAAM-HP Accreditation?

Attending an accredited medical college or university is essential for any student in India with a goal of a career as a doctor. CAAM-HP is the accreditation agency that operates within the Caribbean.

The agency oversees all CARICOM (Caribbean Community) countries. This is a group of twenty countries, fifteen member states, and an additional five associate members. Originally established in 1973, it includes the Caribbean as well as Belize, Montserrat, Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Bermuda, Surname, Haiti, and several other countries or members.

The Importance of Accreditation

For students, checking to make sure any Caribbean medical university has CAAM-HP accreditation is an important first step. Established in 2003, this agency sets out the specific programs that are approved as accredited in the areas of professional health education, veterinary, dental, and medical training.

Any college or university that is CAAM-HP accredited has met or exceeded the standards for quality educational programs for their programs. This accreditation demonstrates a commitment to the best quality education, ensuring graduates of these programs are able to meet the necessary standards to enter into a professional role.

Recognition Around the World

Accreditation through CAAM HP is recognized around the world. It is similar to MCI in Indian medical colleges, establishing a standard that is uniformly applied to all accredited educational facilities.

Unfortunately, students from India often take MBBS programs from non-accredited universities and colleges in the Caribbean. This prevents them from being recognized as a doctor anywhere in the world whether in and outside of the country where they studied.

Always verify any international medical college in the Caribbean is accredited by CAAM-HP or ACCM. If you have questions, Zordha Education can help at zordha.com.

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