What Happens When the Bleeder Housing Fails?

There are a few common failure points in the OEM housings, so replacing a coolant bleeder housing is sometimes needed. Aftermarket housings have improved durability and resistance and can withstand extreme changes in temperature.

Coolant Leaks

An initial clue that there is an issue with the assembly of the housing is seeing coolant leaking. The housing in cars nowadays are usually made of plastic and metal together, which can crumble, seep out or break as the coolant gets in touch with the material. Tiny leaks can show up as smoke or as the odor of coolant in the engine bay, but the larger leaks will leave big pools of coolant under the car.

Motor Temperature

If the motor is overheating that is another sign of a bad housing. Often the motor will overheat as the result of a coolant leak. The smaller leaks like the ones from a cracked casing can sometimes leak the coolant rather slowly to the point of not being easily noticeable to the driver. Finally, even a small leak will leak enough of the fluid out to cause overheating, due to a low level of coolant.

Busted Purge Valve

It isn’t as big a deal but a stripped drain valve can cause some of these issues as well. Sometimes a bleed valve may be accidentally pickled or rounded or rusted in the housing and can not be removed. In these cases, the bleed valve can not be opened and the system may be difficult to bleed properly. If air remains trapped in the system due to improper bleeding, overheating may occur. Usually, if the valve can not be removed, the entire housing must be replaced. Since the entire air vent housing is part of the cooling system, any problems can quickly result in problems for the entire engine. If you suspect that you may have a problem with your air bleeder housing, or if you have found a leak, have it inspected by a professional technician, so bring it to the mechanic. If necessary, they can replace the coolant bleeder housing to make sure your vehicle remains in good condition.

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