What Does Your Water Testing Company Provide?

As a landlord or property owner, having the right professionals to turn to in addressing problems and issues on the property is important. Unfortunately, not all landlords or property managers take the time to research the various service providers in an area. Instead, they choose the first company they find in an online search or in a phone book or online ad.

The problem with this approach to service providers is the lack of understanding of what the best companies in the industry offer as part of the basic service. A great example of this can be found when comparing what a water testing company offers with a service call.

Water Testing Options

It is not uncommon for a water testing company to provide a very basic test of minerals or contaminants in the water. These are very simple tests and typically are semi-quantitative, designed to indicate if there is a given mineral present and in what general concentration or range.

This is a good indicator, but it does not address all possible issues with water quality that can impact plumbing systems, smart meters and even fixtures throughout the building or property.

The best water testing company also tests for aggressive water. Aggressive water is becoming increasingly more problematic as it results in early damage to plumbing system components due to an excessive amount of carbon dioxide. This results in early corrosion of the systems and increasing levels of metals in the water.

Remediation Recommendations

A top service providing water testing shares the results and explains the findings to the landlord, highlight any issues with the water quality in the building. Additionally, these companies also make recommendations for remediation or correction of the problems that may result in potentially higher corrosion rates and plumbing system and water meter failures.

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