What Can Be Considered Acceptable Collateral for a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City?

A bail bondsman in Oklahoma City is not just legally tied to only accepting cash. In many instances, a bail bondsman can accept other forms of payment through a physical property and things of value. What are these items and how can a client use them to get a loved one out of jail? Cash is not the only formal form of payment allowed.

Physical Items of Trade

Jewelry is a common item that some bondsmen may accept. Many bonds professionals will accept many of the same things that, say, a local pawn shop would accept. The list will often only include high valuable items, such as jewelry. This could also include electronics, but a professional may only accept them with bail under, say, $400.

Car Titles As Collateral

There are other items of a less immediate physical value that would not be staples at a pawn shop. These items are the most viable for acceptance with bail bonds professionals. This may include the title to a house, a vehicle, or a credit card. This would work by tying part-ownership or temporary ownership to the bail professional. These assets can be returned at a later date, but that will vary depending on the extent of the crime, the date of the first court appearance, and whether the defendant goes to court as requested.

Do All Bonds Professionals Accept the Same Things?

Though all of the above assets can be disbursed for bail payment and release, there is no unifying law or standard that sets all bail professionals must accept these things. An individual will have to visit the local website or call for specific items that are accepted. As a general rule, bail professionals will typically accept high assets. This would include vehicles or real estate. In these situations, the bail bondsman in Oklahoma City will accept the title involved with the vehicle or real estate. Whether it is returned or not will depend on the value of the bond.

Call Ken Boyer Bail Bonds for specific details pertaining to the situation. There are few universal rules in this area, though bonds professionals meet regulatory standards and federal mandates.

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