What Are Your Restaurant Covers Saying?

Owning or managing a restaurant is more than just having great food and service, it is also about making your establishment different than the competition. Branding is one of the most important aspects of having a successful eatery, and this goes down to even the details on your restaurant covers.

Menus, or restaurant covers, can help to set the tone of the place right from the first greeting of the guests. When the host or hostess picks up a stack of leather bound and beautifully designed covered menus customers know to expect an upscale dining experience.

On the other hand, if the restaurant covers are more casual and family friendly in their design, this is what the clients will expect as well. Choosing these details carefully, and matching the menus with the beverage lists, the check presenters and even with the table tents sends a message of care and attention to all aspects of the dining experience.

The Casual Look

Casual restaurant covers can be clear, or they can be designed as a spiral bound book or even a binder type of design. These are great for large menus or multiple categories of food. With dividers and tabs these types of menus can also allow you to simply your menu options for casual dining with appetizers, beverages, main courses and desserts all in their own easy to find location on the menu.

Casual menu designs and styles can still provide room for branding, and even the bindings or covers can be color coordinated to match your décor. Inserts into the front of the menu or on the inside panels are ideal for specials and features.

More Elegant Table Options

For a more classic, elegant or fine-dining experience consider the hardcovered restaurant covers. Leather-look or cork is very popular, and it not only looks sophisticated but also provides a tactile connection with fine dining for the customer.

For a more limited menu selection, a clear plastic front with a rich and elegant back is perfect for specials or desserts or beverage and wine lists. Add to this with matching table tents to highlight specialties of the house and you have a winning combination.

Choosing the colors, styles and design features to match with the décor and theme of the restaurant will also be essential. With a top company customizing is easy and allows the creation of the perfect restaurant covers to enhance existing branding and marketing.

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