What Are The Neck Strengthening Exercises?

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Chiropractor

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Every year, millions of Americans suffer from back and neck pain. Whether due to strain from gazing down at our phones or sleeping incorrectly at night, neck pain is especially troublesome for many people, especially those in the New Jersey area. Fortunately, the best way to deal with neck soreness and pain is to exercise the muscles in that area. Here are four exercises that can help with neck pain treatment.

Machine Flexion
Also known as the chin tuck, this exercise is as simple as it is effective. The way it works is you stand against a wall as flat as possible. Then you tuck your chin to your chest so that your neck is also flat. Hold it against the wall for five seconds, then release. Do this about ten times. Once you’ve mastered it against the wall, you can do it freestyle from then on.

This neck pain treatment works in the opposite direction of the Flexion. Lay on the floor with your forehead against it (use a towel if necessary). Hold your hands flat on the ground and then stretch your head up as high as you can go, then hold it for five seconds. Do this exercise for ten repetitions as well.

Lateral Flexion
This neck pain treatment works by exercising the sides of your neck. To help keep your form straight, stand with your back and arms flat against the wall. Keep the back of your head on the wall as you tilt your head down to one side as far as it can go. Hold it for five seconds, then move to the other side. Do ten reps of each side, and be sure to hold your head and body against the wall for better results.

Finally, this neck pain treatment will have you turn your head horizontally from side to side. You can do this in tandem with your other exercises since you still need to be flat against the wall. With your head touching, turn your head until you touch your nose to the wall. If you can’t go as far as possible and hold it for five seconds, then do the other side.

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