What Are the Different Types of Public Adjusters You Can Hire in Texas?

During your insurance claims process, the public adjuster is the person that you’ll probably be spending most of your time with. Usually, there are three types of adjusters you can hire for your insurance claims.

Company Adjuster

This is the most common to policyholders. Company adjusters can also be referred to as staff adjusters, and they work for the insurance company. Company adjusters are the most popular type when it comes to the option that people choose for their insurance claims.

Independent Adjuster

This type of adjuster is an independent contractor. They are paid y the insurance company to take care of your claim, so the insurance company doesn’t have to. Usually, when an insurance company already has a huge load of claims to take care of, they won’t have enough of their own adjusters to handle every situation that comes to them. This usually happens when something like a natural disaster takes place. Too many ongoing claims will result in the use of an independent adjuster.

If you come to this point, don’t worry. Independent adjusters are incredibly reputable, and they are licensed, just like the adjusters you would normally hire. If you hire them, they are probably going to come from an outside area.

Public Adjuster

Public insurance adjusters work for the policyholder. These adjusters are also independent but licensed, just like the one mentioned above. You simply hire them, and they work on your behalf during the entire process.

Luckily, in most states, public adjusters can’t do business with you if they don’t have a license. But be aware that some states don’t make this a requirement. You can easily contact the State Insurance Commissioners Office to get information about your particular state and their rules on licensing. You can also look at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners before you hire your Texas public adjuster.

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