What Are The Best Rawhide Alternatives For Dog Chews?

Most dog owners are aware of the dangers of feeding rawhide dog chews. Vets warn dog owners about the potential problems of feeding these readily available chews, and many breeders also warn those purchasing puppies about the dangers.

For puppy and dog owners looking for rawhide alternatives, finding the best product on the market is often a priority. The good news is there are healthy, safer and very dog-approved chew bones out there, but owners will need to read the labels and make informed decisions.

Completely Rawhide-Free

Look carefully at the label, specifically at the ingredients list and the packaging information. The label should clearly state the product is “rawhide-free” and indicated it has a high level of digestibility.

Rawhide is not a highly digestible ingredient. In fact, in studies done by Animal Nutrition departments at major Veterinary Training Universities, rawhide was 15% undigested even after 24-hours in the dog’s body. By choosing rawhide alternatives with easy to digest ingredients, you can feel good about giving your dog a chew a day.

Nutritious Formulation

By getting rid of the use of a by-product of the tanning industry, rawhide alternatives allow for healthy ingredients you know and enjoy yourself. These include baked pork skin, which is a healthier alternative to pork rinds, as well as milk, peanut butter, and real chicken.

In addition, the best products will also contain nutrients and vitamins essential to your dog’s health throughout their life. Added Vitamin E, B Vitamins, thiamine, and manganese all help to aid your dog’s body systems.

There is no need to settle for potentially dangerous and unhealthy rawhide chews for your puppy or dog. Choosing a healthy alternative is great for your dog and gives you peace of mind in choosing a safe, beneficial treat.

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