What are the best hand dryers?

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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The best way to rid hands of germs and bacteria is by washing. The entire process would not be complete if there was not a sanitary way to dry them. For ages there have been cloth towels that are reused time after time as well as one-time-use paper towels. Needless to say clothe towels are not effective at eliminating bacteria and paper towels are little better as there litter is unsanitary. In 1948 the solution was introduced, the best hand dryers using warm air were introduced.

Constant improvement:

There is nothing that can be done to improve a paper towel; this is certainly not the case with the warm air hand dryer. Over the years they have been constantly improved, shortening the drying time, noise reduction and improved filtering.

The best hand dryers are far more sanitary than any other method of drying hands; they are used in almost every facility, including clinical areas where the control of germs and bacteria is of paramount importance.

The advantages of warm air hand dryers:

  • Eliminate the need for paper towels. Paper towels cannot be recycled; they end up in ever shrinking land fill sites.
  • Paper towels are an ongoing cost item, the best hand dryers, once purchased and installed only require a minimal amount of electricity. The cost savings are considerable as hand dryers can easily last five or more years.
  • There is no need to employ people to keep the paper towel dispensers full and to remove used towels from the room.There is little opportunity for vandalism when warm air hand dryers are used. Paper towels and their dispensers are constantly attacked by vandals.

There is no doubt that the best warm air hand dryers are the superior way of drying hands and maintaining a clean environment.

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