What are the Benefits of Cremation?

Although a traditional burial might look elegant and dignified, if you are planning your own future funeral or the funeral of a deceased relative, there are many reasons to reconsider your decision and choose cremation as an alternative. Many states in United States have witnessed a growing inclination towardsWhy Choose Cremation for your Deceased Loved One

Traditional funerals involving interring bodily remains into a burial plot have become more expensive and out of the reach of many families. Church cemeteries are overcrowded and funeral homes to house remains are expensive. Many families across America irrespective of faith, social background and economic circumstances are opting for cremation to return the bodies of their loved ones to nature.

Cremation is an accepted practice world-wide that gives a fitting and final commitment of a deceased’s bodily remains. Modern crematoriums offer fast, efficient and respectful handling of your loved one’s remains. The practice of cremating bodies is acceptable by all Christian denominations, inclusive of Roman Catholics. Some states of the United States report that 60% of all funerals involve cremating the remains. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and some Parsees have been using this method for disposing of their dead for thousands of years.

If you are mulling over whether to choose cremation over burial here are some facts that might convince you:

Christian burials are typically expensive and need exhaustive planning and execution. The body must be embalmed and a casket purchased for the funeral and wake. Those who are considering cremating the bodies of their departed relatives need not have the body embalmed. The body is refrigerated in the crematorium and can be consigned to the flames after a period of 24 hours.

Cremating bodies eliminates the cost of casket and other costs. There is no need to purchase property at a cemetery for interment.

As Americans become more aware of environmental degradation some are conscious of how wasteful some funerals can be. Cremating the dead is a more environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional burial.

Those who wish to be remembered for their simple needs and requirements would be more desirous of a befittingly simple ceremony. Burials can be more elaborate and ritualistic; cremating is a simpler way to remember a person of simple needs.

For some, cremating a deceased relative or loved one is a better way to move on and find comfort. Often grieving relatives return to tombstones to mourn long after their loved one is no more. In such instances cremating the remains would be a quick and final way to distract them from a traumatic and untimely death in the family.

Whatever the reason for choosing to cremate your loved one, the decision should be a final one that is unanimously agreed on. Respect the wishes of your deceased relatives if they opted for cremation. York, PA residents can find crematoriums offering full services. cremating the remains of the deceased.

Cremation eliminates many of the costs associated with a traditional burial service. There is no need for a costly engraved wooden coffin. Headstone expenses, embalming, cosmetically enhancing and viewing of the dead body is no longer required. Cremating the body eliminates the need for a burial vault or costly burial spot in a church cemetery. Although a cremation can save a bereaved family at least a $1000 in expenses, the service is no less dignified and can be carried out with due respect and decorum. You can opt for a funeral service or not, according to the wishes of the deceased or the wishes of the bereaved family members.

In these tough economic times, everybody is cost conscious and thinking of ways for saving money. Many like you have opted for cremating their deceased relatives. The Roman Catholic Church and all other denominations of Christianity approve and condone of this method of disposing of mortal remains. All major world religions except for Moslems, regard cremation as a safe, considerate and acceptable way to commit the mortal remains of the dead to nature. You can customize the service to your personal liking and budget. Interment requires the purchase of expensive land for burying the dead. Those who are environmentally conscious would not think of burial as an eco friendly way. Burial caskets are made of costly wood and can cost hundreds of dollars. To some the notion of a body slowly decomposing under the soil is not a comforting thought. Cremating the body is a much quicker, hygienic and instant disposal of the mortal remains of a loved one. The ashes can further be dispersed or kept in an urn according to your wishes.

Crematories will perform services according to the package you choose. Check the services and packages available at your local crematorium. Before consigning a body to the flames, the crematorium would require documents and papers to permit the cremation. The crematorium would need a signed death certificate from attending physician or coroner, written permission from the next of kin and further documental permission from the county coroner before the cremation. Lancaster, PA residents can consult local cremation services for packages and costs involved.

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Benefits of Cremation?

Benefits of Cremation?

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